With a lot of fantasy football drafts happening in the next couple of weeks, there are bound to be plenty of draft prep articles around the web. But the one thing these articles cannot prepare you for is the other owners at the fantasy draft.

Personally, my favorite thing about fantasy football is the draft. It is one thing that I look forward to all year. If you want to do it right and have some fun, a life draft is the way to go. It may cost a little extra and might be harder to get everyone together, but it is well worth it. I’m in my seventh season in a 12 team, 20 roster spot league and our draft is usually the longest but most enjoyable part of football season. With that in mind, there are five types of owners that are in every league. So which one are you?

The Commish

Obviously every league has a commissioner to handle any issues during the season, but for a live draft, the commissioner takes on a new set of responsibilities. He is essentially the glue guy. He coordinates the draft time and location, purchases the draft board, provides the necessary refreshments and generally maintains order in what is an often stressful environment. The Commish is the hardest worker in your league during draft day, so show him/her your appreciation after the draft (then proceed to bash his/her team).

Mr. Over-Prepared

Anyone who plays in the same league year after year can name this person in their league. This is the guy who probably spends about 20 hours preparing for the draft every year. He’s done about 50 mock drafts and even prints out the results to consult during the actual draft. The worst thing about this guy is that he takes forever to pick. And all that preparation never really pays off as he probably finishes close to the bottom of the league standings. If everyone has to wait for you to go through all your mock drafts and player rankings just to figure out who you are taking, you might be this guy.

The Magazine Guy

This person is the exact opposite of Mr. Over-Prepared. This is the type of owner who has done no prep work leading up to the draft. Instead, they run to the store to pick up one of the fantasy football preview magazines and flip right to rankings page. While waiting their turn to pick they quickly go to the sleepers section and try to act like they know what they’re doing, even though the rest of us have known about those sleepers since June. Definitely not the owner you want to be (btw I think that fantasy football magazines are the biggest waste of money nowadays. There is just so much information out there for free all over the internet that you really get no distinct advantage by paying $15 for a magazine. Okay end of rant).

The Jokester/Trash Talker

This is me at my draft. This is the owner whose voice you here the most at the draft, and subsequently here in your head for about two weeks after the draft. This person does their homework on the other owners for the specific purposes of trashing their draft picks. After every pick this owner has some snarky comment about either the owner or the player. For example, after someone drafts Carson Palmer, they will say something like “That’s a good pick for the six games he will end up playing this year.” They are also usually ready with a joke about a player’s name. For the past five years, whenever someone drafted Philip Rivers I would say something like “Oh looks like Muddy Rivers is no longer available.” Although most of these jokes are awful, they will sometimes come up with something half way clever, like the joke I made after someone drafted Teddy Bridgewater in my league: “Well, it looks like that pick is just water under the bridge now.” (Get it! I’m hilarious.)

The Silent Assassin

This is the owner that seems to always know exactly what they’re doing. They never participate in the banter that goes on during the draft. Instead, they stay focused on the task at hand. It makes sense after all as fantasy football is a serious matter. When it’s their turn to pick, there is almost no hesitation as they say the name of some fantasy stud that just happened to fall to them. When you are looking at the draft board afterwards, you always look at their team and realize they had one of the best drafts. This is the guy with his eyes on the prize.