Novak Djokovic was utterly spectacular last night!

Djokovic defeated Roger Federer in four sets Sunday night to claim his first U.S Open Championship, and complete the career Grand Slam. Djokovic now has 10 major victories placing him seventh all-time and at only 27 years old, I think he will end up surpassing Federer’s record 17 majors.

Throughout the match the New York crowd was clearly behind the 34 year-old Federer, who hasn’t won a major since 2012 at Wimbledon. Fans of Federer have yearned for the ‘best-ever’ to win one more major, which will be a tough task with Djokovic playing the way he did on Sunday night. Another observation from the match was Djokovic is honestly the best returner I have ever seen in tennis, he keeps more points alive then any player in the history of the game.

Now that Nadal is struggling and Federer is getting older by the day, I see Djokovic winning a lot of majors in the near future.