Another week of the Premier League!


European competitions started this week with the UEFA Champions League and Europa League. English teams were very disappointing in both competitions, so it will be interesting to see how they bounce back in league play. The good games to watch are evenly split on Saturday and Sunday, so park your butt on the coach.

Here are the games you should be watching this weekend:

5. Aston Villa at West Brom, Sat. 10:00am ET

This maybe the first appearances in the must-watch games for both Villa and West Brom. These team’s grounds are only 11 miles apart, so fans call this rivalry the “Midlands Derby.” Fans for both sides will be out in full force, and a win in this derby could make or break Villa, or West Brom’s season.

4. Crystal Palace at Tottenham, Sun. 8:30am ET

Another London derby game as South London’s Crystal Palace, travel to North London to face Tottenham. Mine, and other Crystal Palace supporter’s hearts were broken last week as Manchester City scored in the last dying minutes of the game to beat our team. Palace looked very good in a losing effort, while Tottenham, sitting in 12th, have started way slower.

3. Manchester United at Southampton, Sun. 11:00am ET

United loss in the Champions League mid-week to PSV, and lost star left-back Luke Shaw in the process. The red devils have been very good in the Premier League, beating Liverpool handily last weekend. Southampton, similarly to Tottenham, have started the season slow, and are looking for a marquee home win against a vulnerable United side.

2. West Ham United at Manchester City, Sat. 12:30pm ET

City have won 6 out of the last 7 meetings against West Ham, and look to build on that record come Saturday. West Ham have maybe been the surprise team of the EPL sitting at 5th in the table five weeks into the season.

1.Arsenal at Chelsea, Sat. 7:45am ET

These two teams are the premier clubs in London, with their grounds only 8 miles apart. Both of the managers Jose Mourinho, and Arsene Wenger have a disgusting disdain for one another, which always makes for good drama. Arsenal beat Chelsea in the Community Shield which kicks off the English season, but Chelsea won in the mid-week Champions League fixture, where Arsenal lost in Croatia.

Let’s hope we get some drama like this scuffle from last year’s game.