I know soccer is catching on slowly but surely here in the US, but yesterday’s Europa League game that pitted Liverpool against Dortmund makes loving soccer so easy. The pageantry, the passion, the goals, all mixed between a matchup between two of the best fan bases in world soccer. Even here at The Ledge the game divided me and Trevor Utley, I support Dortmund, while Trevor is passionate about his Reds. Other than the fans, this game had everything. And even though Dortmund lost 4-3, after being up 3-1, as a fan of soccer I can respect the effort and passion Liverpool showed in front of their home crowd.

Here are the scenes pre-game (If this doesn’t give you chicken skin, are you even alive?).

All the goals in order.

Dortmund 1 – Liverpool 0

Dortmund 2 – Liverpool 0

Dortmund 2 – Liverpool 1

Dortmund 3 – Liverpool 1

Dortmund 3 – Liverpool 2

Dortmund 3 – Liverpool 3

Dortmund 3 – Liverpool 4

Post-game scenes.

For those who don’t know, Liverpool’s manager Jurgen Klopp coached at Dortmund for 7 years before taking over the English side, so this victory was huge for him personally.