Rivals III – the latest installment of MTV’s ‘The Challenge’ – premieres on May 4th.

Bill Simmons once referred to ‘The Challenge’ as America’s fifth major sport. The competition and the drama is unparalleled. In my opinion it is the most entertaining of all the reality shows.

Without further ado, let’s jump right into the odds.

Bananas & Sarah +110

Bananas and Sarah are the odds on favorites. They are both veterans who have tasted victory before and you can guarantee they are hungry for more. No one knows how to play the game better than Bananas.

Brandon & Brianna +OFF

I don’t know who these two are and can therefore not handicap their odds of winning. They are both rookies though, so don’t expect them to last long.

Cory & Ashley +2800

I personally think that Cory is overrated as a Challenge competitor. However, he did make the finals and cashed during last season so he does deserve some respect. I’m sure he’ll end up tossing his cookies during at least one physical challenge. Ashley is the great unknown. Her rookie status will get her tossed into this season’s equivalent of the pit early and she will have to prove herself.

Dario & Nicole +2000

Nicole – best know for being Nany’s cousin – got paired up with Dario after they had a heated argument during ‘Battle of the Bloodlines.’ I don’t see these two working well together as a team.

Devin & Cheyenne OFF


Jamie & KellyAnne +350

Jamie had an impressive showing during his rookie season as him and his cousin Cara took home the title. KellyAnne is a veteran who knows how to play the game and has held her own in the past during eliminations.

Johnny & Jessica +3300

Johnny is good. Jessica stinks. I didn’t give them outrageous odds because there’s usually a team that takes everyone by surprise. My gut is telling me that Johnny will have what it takes to carry this team.

Leroy & Averey +275

Any team with Leroy on it should be considered one of the favorites. He has plenty of Challenge experience and he is well liked among the other cast members.  He knows how to play the game within the game. Averey should be able to hold her own – making this team poised for a deep run.

Nate & Christina +10000

Christina put this team at a serious disadvantage. Here’s a tip – don’t bother unpacking. This team will be on the first flight out.

Thomas & Simone +9500

I have zero expectations for this team. They may last a few episodes but only because they are not rookies. Once the rookies get bounced, they will follow shortly after.

Tony & Camilla +700

Tony and his cousin were electric on ‘Battle of the Bloodlines.’ They both provided great entertainment value and I’m looking for Tony to step up again. Camilla is a long time veteran who has already won a Challenge. However, I just feel like this team will succumb to the drama and be looking at an early exit.

Vince & Jenna +1800

Jenna is actually a great competitor who took everyone by surprise last season. Vince on the other hand is terrible.

Wes & Nany +200

Wes and Nany will undoubtedly form an anti-Bananas alliance that will be beneficial for them to make a deep run. Their veteran status combined with their physical prowess make for a very dangerous team. Plus Wes is crazy. Oh so crazy.


So there you have it. Let the competition begin! I will be glued to the television during the 90 minute premier episode on Wednesday night. Let me know what you think of this season’s odds in the comments or on Twitter here.