“The most exciting two minutes in sports” – The 142nd running of the Kentucky Derby takes place on Saturday.

Each year twenty of the best three-year-old thoroughbreds compete for the coveted top prize of over one-million dollars in cash. Before the announcer can declare “and they’re off” the odds can be thrown out the window. Anything can and will happen once those gates open up.

However – this year is different – this race has pretty much already been decided. You see, one horse got an incredible omen on Wednesday during the Post Position Draw and he goes by the name, Tom’s Ready.

If you are a New England fan, you can probably guess where this is going. Tom’s Ready drew the number 12 post position (if you just happen to live under a rock, Tom Brady wears the number 12, get it?). It is now this horse’s destiny to take home the crown and you can get him at 30-1 odds. But there’s more.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the owner, Gayle Benson. She is the wife of Tom Benson who owns the New Orleans Saints. That is how the horse got it’s nom de course.

Now what do Tom Benson and Tom Brady happen to have in common? They were both screwed over by Commissioner Roger Goodell. Billionaire Tom Benson surely needs something to go his way as far as sporting events are concerned. The Sports Gods basically owe it to him at this point. I’m sure Brady will be in attendance tomorrow and is already well aware of this great omen. Hopefully he will make a pretty penny on this horse because he too needs something in his otherwise miserable life to favor him.

No Kentucky Derby blog would be complete without picks from our very own staff. Let’s take a look at who some members of The Ledge like.


Nate – Nyquist (favorite) Mor Spirit (long-shot)

Myself – Tom’s Ready

Zack – Nyquist (win) Whitmore (win,place or show) Trifecta Pick: Nyquist, Exaggerator, Whitmore


P.S. The Derby is about three things – gambling, big obnoxious hats and Mint Juleps. Take a look at this from the official Kentucky Derby website.


12 full hours of Mint Julep consumption is wild.



  1. My man Sam… 20-1. Heard it here first. He’s not going to win, but he’s going to Place and make you some big bucks. If he drops a $hit before the race and lightens his load… go by my golden rule… double down on the deuce.

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