Ok well I guess I actually have to address the McGregor Mayweather rumors now that they don’t seem to be going away and might have potential to come to fruition.

Long story short, both McGregor and Mayweather have expressed interest in fighting each other in a boxing match (not MMA match).

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When the rumor first came out, I said there is no way this happens, McGregor is just trying to force Dana White’s hand blah blah blah but again as the rumor keep gaining traction there is a SLIGHT possibility.

I refuse to actually acknowledge this will happen until the paper work is signed. There are so many reason why this fight wouldn’t make sense.

1. McGregor has a contract with UFC that he would have to convince Dana White to let him buyout the remainder of it. As you already know though, Dana White is arguably the most stubborn owner in sports so that is easier said than done. In addition, Dana loves money more than life so having McGregor get out of his UFC contract and not get a share of the boxing PPV $$ is not something I can see Dana doing.

2. If McGregor tried to go behind Dana’s back and breach his contract to fight Floyd, he would most likely be sued and some legal predicament against the fight that I have no idea about because I’m not even remotely close to being a lawyer would occur.

3. I’ll tell you one thing. McGregor ever faces Floyd in a boxing match it’s game over. Floyd would run CIRCLES around McGregor so quick. He would destroy McGregor. And this is coming from a person who drinks all the McGregor koolaide in the world. But you have to know when enough is enough. Going up 2 weight classes to fight a UFC fighter is feasible but switching sports and fighting arguably the greatest pound for pound boxer of all time whose never lost is no bueno. You do not just got to another sport and think you’ll be able to beat the best. As a UFC guy, McGregor needs all different types of fighting techniques to help him succeed in the Octagon and while growing up his strongest suit was his boxing, he is nowhere near the elite level Floyd is.

HOWEVER, there is one reason who this fight could happen…..

MONEY $$$$$$$. This ppv boxing match would break records. No, it would SMASH money records. The 2 biggest moneymakers in their respective sport against each other? Forget about it. Cash through the roof.

Both of these guys love money so who knows. I do know one thing though and that is make sure to consistently come to The Ledge for all the updates to this potential super fight.

Side Note: Could you imagine the marketing and shit talking these two would have back and forth up until the fight? It would be electric. Must watch tv every time they had a promotion for the fight.


Another Side note:

If by “you run boxing”, you mean you run a current 1 loss streak in UFC and have never faced an elite fighter in a boxing only match then yes you certainly run boxing.



Interesting Fact: A few weeks ago, Floyd’s company filed for TmT 50 trademarks, so that’s also something to keep an eye on.