McGregor sparring against former IBO welterweight champ Chris van Heerden. Could he be training for Floyd Money Mayweather? Perhaps.  Do his boxing skills look proficient? That’s for you to decide.

Big Time Disclaimer:    Before watching this video, realize that the quality SUCKS.  It’s not the best video in the world I’ll tell you that but that is only because YouTube (maybe McGregor?) took down the original video so this is the best you will get.

My opinion after watching that…..


Now I am no boxing expert, but that was BRUTAL.  Yeah, maybe he got a few shots in but he was significantly slower than his opponent and that former champ got some serious shots in. Keep in mind, while he was obviously facing a former boxing champ, that van Heerden guy couldn’t even hold Mayweather’s jock strap.

Hopefully Conor continues to enhance his boxing skills because as of now, if that fight ever happened it would be #prayforconor.