The Highlights

That was one of the more emotional episodes we’ve seen throughout the entire series, so understandably it’s hard to think of any highlights at a time like this. However – I do believe there were some moments worthy of discussing here, in what was another great episode in season 6. For me, the best highlight came at the beginning when Sansa confronted Little Finger and made him listen as she recounted the suffering that Ramsay put her through. Although it was painful for her to speak about and to listen to as a viewer, it was great she had that opportunity. It was also interesting that she learned that “The Blackfish” is back in control at Riverrun. Another conversation that should be mentioned in the highlight reel was the one that Daenerys had with Jorah. She told him, “when I take the seven kingdoms, I need you by my side.” We also got to finally see the origin of the White Walkers.


The Low-lights

I can wait a moment while you go grab your tissues, because you’ll need them to get through the episode’s low-lights. First and foremost let me say rest in peace Hodor. His selfless act of holding the door will never be forgotten. I think every fan of the show teared up a bit (or a lot) during the emotional climax when we saw exactly how Wylis transformed into Hodor (damn it Bran for not abiding by the warging rules). It didn’t hit me until a good 20 minutes after the episode ended that Hodor was the first major character to die that the book readers did not already know about. Everyone is equally as shocked after watching ‘The Door.’ Sadly, we also lost yet another direwolf in episode 5. RIP Summer.


The Predictions

It looks as though we now know how the White Walkers are going to make their way to Westeros. Remember how the walkers could not enter the cave because, well magic? I think that Bran is going to make his way to the Wall. Once Bran crosses through the gates of the Wall, the ancient magic that has prevented the White Walkers out this entire time will be voided. From there, they will continue their zombie-like rampage into Westeros. At the halfway point of the this season, I have to say that I am very excited for what’s in store for the remaining five episodes.


The Twitter Reactions