In the wake of Muhammad Ali’s passing, the pictures from his final photo shoot have been released. Taken by British photographer Zenon Texeira at Ali’s Phoenix home in late March, the photos do paint a picture of the toll that Parkinson’s disease can take, but they also reveal that Ali, like the champ that he was, fought the pernicious disease until the very end.

The signature photo from the shoot is a familiar one. Ali, shades on, fists raised, subtle smirk on his face. That’s Ali, alright. The coolest cat of all time was always incredibly photogenic, fitting of Ali’s charismatic personality. And, though the effects of Parkinson’s are evident, the essence of Ali shines through in this iconic photo.

A fighter in every sense of the term, Ali transcended the world of boxing unlike any athlete has ever transcended his or her respective sport. A champion of boxing, social justice and life, Ali may have passed on, but he will never truly die.

The legend of Ali will stand the test of time, as he is arguably the greatest, most important athlete ever. The man commonly known as “The Greatest” fought the good fight his entire life, and, while he is physically gone from this world, his legacy will live on forever.