Sunday June 17 marks the seventh annual Money in the Bank PPV for the WWE. With the absolutely stacked card that has been advertised, fans can certainly expect it to compete with MiTB 2011 as the best in the event’s history.


Dolph Ziggler v. Baron Corbin

Again? WWE gives Baron Corbin the “Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal” win at Wrestlemania 32, yet continues to give him pre-show matches on the PPV. That is 3 in a row now. Why? I don’t know. Maybe it’s simply because they realize they are not getting the reaction they want as Corbin has seemingly fallen into the death trap between being cheered and booed. Any reaction is a good, and Corbin hasn’t been getting much of anything. As for Dolph, he’s loved, but WWE seems to have nothing for him. I can’t imagine he is in WWE too much longer, unless the upcoming Brand Split can revive his career. Here’s to hoping.

Winner: Baron Corbin

Apollo Crews v. Sheamus

Apollo Creed and Terry Crew’s mythical child is an absolute freak of nature. He’s an insane athlete and pretty solid in the ring. The big question is, just like Corbin, will he get over with the fans? He seems to have so far, but to me, he isn’t providing too much of a new “must-see” vibe to his character. He’s likable, he’s fun to watch, but that’s not going to get you too far when you’re the new kid on the block. As for Sheamus, he’s the perfect opponent right now for Crews. This match obviously shows to the average fan that Crews is making a big step forward facing the more established, multi-time World Champion. It would be stupid for Crews to lose this match as fans are very openly bored with Sheamus.

Winner: Apollo Crews

Main Card

Fatal 4 Way Tag Team Match for Tag Team Titles: The New Day (c) v. Enzo & Cass v. The Vaudevillians v. The Club

A big Tag Title match like this smells like New Day will lose the belts. They’ve been champs for a long time now, deservedly so, but this is a great match to have a screwy finish and see the New Day finally dethroned as they do not have to actually be pinned to lose the match. Though, you could make a case for anyone to win this, I think the heels are much more favored. You’ll either see the Club show the dominant tag team that they were in Japan and should continue to be portrayed as, or you could see a sneaky win by the Vaudevillians. Though, it would be more special to have the titles switch hands at Summerslam on a bigger stage, I think we see new champions Sunday night.

Winners: The Club

Charlotte & Dana Brooke v. Becky Lynch & Natalya

This whole story line has tired me out and bored me. Charlotte, Becky, Natalya, Paige and Sasha could just have¬†rotating singles matches at PPV’s for the title and it would be SO much better. We got a glimpse at Wrestlemania at just how good the Women’s division could become, but it, once again, has taken a turn for the worse.

Winner: It really doesn’t matter but Charlotte & Dana Brooke

John Cena v. AJ Styles

Boy. This is a Wrestlemania caliber match for sure. Cena, the face of WWE for the last decade and Styles, the face of TNA for a decade before continuing his success in Japan. Finally, a ton of dream matches have the potential to come true with the names jumping ship to the big time in WWE and this one is happening Sunday. Cena is coming off his injury and is competing in his first PPV match back. Styles, after losing 2 straight title matches to Roman Reigns is looking to get another win to bolster his status once again. This match will be fantastic. Nothing less than that. I think everyone has high expectations for it and we won’t be disappointed. I could see both guys winning, but it would be smarter to have Styles win. If Styles is able to knock off the face of WWE, it will show you that he is still one of the top guys, regardless of his losses to Reigns, both of which, had messy finishes with outside interference. I think Styles will go over clean as Cena has nothing to lose or gain from this match. Then again, Cena usually wins anyway, even when he has nothing to gain.

Winner: Cena Wins LOL AJ Styles

MiTB Ladder Match: Jericho v. Zayn v. Ambrose v. Owens v. Cesaro v. Del Rio

The second of three matches that absolutely should tear down the house on Sunday. Immediately, I eliminate Del Rio and Jericho from winning this match. Crazier things have happened, (Sheamus last year), but the other four competitors in this match have too much upside to ignore. It’s almost disappointing only one can win. This will be a big spot filled, high impact match with plenty of false finishes (or briefcase grabs, maybe?)

We know the Shield Triple Threat title match is inevitable, it’s just a matter of when. Does WWE have Ambrose win and cash in for Summerslam? Does Zayn win and sit and wait it out while Kevin Owens makes his life miserable ruining every cash-in chance he has? Does Cesaro win and get to the next level that Vince McMahon didn’t see him getting to in the past? Or does Kevin Owens win and go on one of the all-time best heel runs as the owner of the briefcase? Threatening to cash-in many, many times? I like that one the best.

Winner: Kevin Owens

Main Event

WWE World Heavyweight Championship: Roman Reigns (c) v. Seth Rollins

Rollins made his return at Extreme Rules to the surprise of just about everyone and boy was everyone happy about it. We (as fans of Seth Rollins) certainly missed him during the time he was out with a Torn ACL, MCL, and whatever the hell else he did to his knee. That is still so ugly to watch.

Regardless, Rollins is back, ready to put on a great show and Reigns has shown he can hold up his end as well after two FANTASTIC matches against AJ Styles, much to the surprise of his haters. This will be a great back and forth match, plenty of false finishes, and I sure hope we’ll see this again:

In the end, Reigns retains. Don’t think it’s time yet to have him lose the belt. Will we see a cash-in? I doubt it, but boy that would¬†be interesting.

Winner: Roman Reigns


  1. Money in the bank 2016 : Prediction is very simple : Roman will retains his title and seth can’nt be the MR. Money in the bank 2016.

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