LeBron James won his third NBA Championship on Sunday night and quieted all of his haters with his Finals performance.

I was once a LeBron hater, but after Sunday night’s game I had my come-to-Jesus moment. Though in true LeBron form, he ended the nine-week hiatus on Instagram he called “Zero Dark Thirty” by posting two insufferable pictures/videos.

The first video I had no problem with really. The guy won the NBA Championship and MVP award, let him bask in the glory of those accomplishments. But the second picture he posted was joined by a caption that reminded me why I hate LeBron.

Love you so much!!! #StriveForGreatness #ThisOneIsForTheLand #RWTW

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The guy, as talented as he is, has to be one of the most sensitive men in NBA history. I almost believe he’s so great and so much better than everyone in the NBA, he has to create these motivational story lines around himself just to keep himself going.

For most NBA players, they want to win the NBA Championship because it’s a huge accomplishment and a life goal, but I don’t get that sense from LeBron. He really just wants to quiet all of his naysayers, which he did in Games 5, 6 and 7, but quieting your haters should never be your ultimate motivation.

NOT ONLY THAT, but LeBron had a custom hat made with the popular meme  of a frog sipping a glass of tea, which stands for ,”But That’s None Of My Business.” LeBron James has three titles, countless MVP’s, and he’s reduced himself to posting long Instagram captions featuring teenager’s memes? For as great of a player as LeBron James is, he’s dealt with stardom worse than any other superstar in NBA history.