CM Punk is finally going to fight. No, I’m serious this time, UFC even tweeted it out..

Now, I’ll probably get a lot of crap for this from the UFC-only fans, but I’m actually really excited for this mainly because I’ve been a wrestling fan my whole life. CM Punk leaving the WWE to a wrestling fan (or most wrestling fans) would be like David Ortiz announcing his retirement from the Red Sox and then deciding to verbally destroy Dombrowski, Henry, Werner, Farrell, Lucchino, Pedroia and even a hot dog vendor on his way out.

Punk leaving the WWE before his contract expired wasn’t pretty, but his eventual announcement that he was joining UFC was. Do I expect him to become a UFC Champion? No. But do I hope he can maybe win a fight or two, have a nice little career and then return to the WWE like Lesnar did? Of course. But that isn’t asking for too much, is it?

All I’m hoping for is the guy not to get the absolute snot kicked out of him. He’s a stubborn prick who pisses a lot of people off when he doesn’t get his way but his work ethic is something to be admired. I just wish they could have him debut in his hometown of Chicago as the place would be an absolute madhouse (pun intended).