There’s a full slate of MLB games to focus on in today’s DraftKings DFS Play of the Day. Start the weekend off the right way with some DFS action.

Take a look at who made my starting lineup below:


To me, this lineup is solid enough to take home the $10K prize for first place in the MLB Moonshot tourney.

I’m now going to let you loyal readers in on a secret. DraftKings gives out a $3 dollar voucher to first time depositors which can be used in any one of their games. This Moonshot tourney is conveniently priced at $3. So here’s the play – you make your first deposit and enter this tourney tonight for your chance to turn a free voucher into $10K.

The top 14,425 players get in the money and there is  $150,000.00 in total prize money.

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