I’m sure watching NASCAR isn’t the overwhelming favorite to many on The Ledge but it undoubtedly gets more exciting for non-fans when you have your DraftKings lineup ready to go!

Today’s race is a Sonoma Raceway in California. No, they aren’t just turning left today. This road course is certainly a fan favorite and it really throws a unique twist into the NASCAR Schedule.

Regardless of the track, here are some general tips for drafting in NASCAR:

  • Pay attention to Qualifying. Look for one of the top drivers starting in the back of the pack. The bigger differential between their finish and their start position, the more points you get.
  • Don’t look all in the back though because you need some lap leaders! Guys who can lead laps will get you a TON of points as well.
  • Don’t just pick your favorites, do some research, as with any other sport, to get an idea who has the best chance to have a quality run. There are always past results from every race on the internet.

Here’s a look at my lineup:


For starters, I picked last year’s winner, Kyle Busch. He’s a great road course driver and well worth the price. Jimmie Johnson was leading late here in last year’s race and may have won if the crew hadn’t misjudged their fuel mileage. Hamlin and Kenseth did not have the greatest runs last year, but Kenseth starting 23rd is worth the risk as he won’t finish worse than that barring a wreck. As for Hamlin, he’s starting up front in 6th position and I feel he can stay up there.

Now the two “wildcards”. Like every lineup on DraftKings, you have a salary cap. So you’ll have to really try and make some smart, low budget decisions to get yourself the win. I went with Greg Biffle and Clint Bowyer. Biffle is a veteran and a consistent driver of the last few years. He hasn’t won in 3 years, but he is someone you can expect a top 20 finish out of. As for Bowyer, he struggled in qualifying, but his 3rd place finish in this race last year gives me confidence.

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