Boy, if you thought the NHL Draft was lacking trades, 5 teams just made up for it in just the last hour.


Just when Taylor Hall thought he’d have a nice career on the wing of Connor McDavid, Peter Chiarelli strikes again!

Now this has been a rumor over the last couple of years ever since PC stepped in. Which one of the Oilers’ big name youngsters would be moved. Eberle, Yakupov, and Nugent-Hopkins all seemed the most reasonable, but Taylor Hall was never out of the mix either.

Reports are that Adam Larsson is heading back to Edmonton, but surely there is more to the deal than just him, right Mr. Chiarelli?

HAHA NOPE. Pete strikes again. He trades one of the most skilled forwards in all of hockey for an incredibly underachieving defender.. AND NOBODY ELSE.

I really don’t think I have anything left to say at this point. It was inevitable Chiarelli would move some pieces, but I had faith he would have learned after the Seguin trade.


Wow. Can not say I saw this coming. One absolute stud in Subban for another absolute stud in Weber. There is a few years difference in age with Nashville benefiting on that end, but both players are fantastic in their own ways. Subban is the very skilled, offensive minded defenseman while Weber is a rough and tough, hard-hitting player with a cannon of a shot.


The final move of the hour is an announcement we’ve been waiting for. Now, the option for a sign and trade is certainly still alive, but based on the price Tampa paid for Stamkos, it seems like he was taking a nice hometown discount. I have nothing but respect for Stammer after he took Boychuk’s slapshot to the nose, and seeing something like this makes me give him even more respect.