This story about a yacht party Kyrie Irving hosted after winning the championship has been fluid for a week now. 

It all started when the below video surfaced of Irving enjoying his championship summer on a yacht, with what appears to be all white girls and a couple of his friends.

Irving caught a ton of heat on social media for what some called the “No Black Girls Allowed” party on the yacht he rented. The internet is good for a lot of things, but I’m sick and tired of the faux outrage over things that people wouldn’t bat an eyelash at ten years ago.

If Irving wants to have only white girls on the yacht he paid for with his hard earned money why shouldn’t he? Why should he have to answer to these outrage warriors saying he’s racist, or his mom and sister would be disappointed?

People need to stop introducing themselves and their platforms into stories that have nothing to do with them. If this video never surfaced, I bet black women would still like Kyrie. This is just another example where people take one harmless video of a young guy having a good time and turn into a story that fits the narrative of a minority group.

Irving was taking so much criticism for the lack of black women at his party, he felt he needed to give the below Facebook apology.