With UFC 200 upon us this weekend, it is time to start to get HYPED for it.  It is going to be a hell of an event.

Everyone knows about the UFC pay-per view events. Those do not need to be explained or brought up again in this blog.   They’re the money maker of course.  But there are also all those random fights you see on at the bar on Fox sports 1 and TV stations similar where unless you’re a hardo MMA guy, you just happen to be watching them because there is nothing else on TV.  Here is a breakdown of the different types of “random fights” like I like to call it.

  1. UFC on Fox
    1.  Also known as  Fox UFC Saturday. This is the Klay Thompson to Pay-per view’s Steph Curry.  Every once in a while it can be entertaining and better than some of the pay-per view events but when push comes to shove, it plays second fiddle.  Not a bad option to watch sometimes.
  2. Fight Night of Fox Sports 1
    1. Fox did such a great job creating Fox Sports 1 channel and hiring qualified sports casters such as Regis Philbin and Donovan McNabb that they decided to keep the train rolling by putting UFC on the channel too. Fights usually air on Saturdays or Wednesdays and sometimes have some big names but usually this is the stage of the up and coming fighters.  Pretty bland to watch but don’t forget Conor McGregor used to fight on this so maybe you’ll watch the next superstar if you catch the right fight.
  3. Fight Night of Fox Sports 2
    1. Essentially the throw away fight cards that don’t make Fox or Fox Sports 1. Every full moon there will be a good fight but more likely than not it is always going to be the ugly red head stepchild.
  4. TUF Finale
    1. The Ultimate Fighter Finale is the UFC tv show. The finale is the fight of the last standing man on their coaches (Established UFC fighters) respected teams.  Some seasons of TUF have been good, others have been bad but last season was McGregor vs. Faber so that was obviously some entertaining television.