Andy Murray faced Milos Raonic in the Wimbledon Final on Sunday, but it’s tennis so who cares?

The bigger headlines were made in the Royal Box, as it was loaded with all the world’s heavy hitters. In the same section you had former British PM David Cameron sitting right in front of Benedict Cumberbatch and Bradley Cooper.

Cooper has been dating Russian supermodel Irina Shayk for over a year now, and she joined him in the Royal Box for the Wimbledon Final. During the match, ESPN cameras caught Cooper and Shayk in the midst of a fight, with Shayk looking like she was wiping tears out of her eyes.

We all think A-list celebrities don’t have fights like everyone else, but this was truly a real moment in a relationship between two of the best looking people on earth.

Note: I have two rules of thumb for good-looking, ultra-famous guys like George Clooney and Bradley Cooper…

1. Never date a woman who’s over 10 years younger than you. It will always go wrong and you probably have nothing in common.

2. Stay away from the Russians. This is more of a rule to live by in general, but Russian women, no matter how hot they are, have a couple of screws loose. Plus they might be spies for Putin.