Earlier this season, in the middle of an interview, Hanley Ramirez videobombed an interview that Jackie Bradley Jr. had with MLB network after he was announced player of the week on May 15th. Hanley was announced AL player of the week on July 24th. During his interview with MLB network, Jackie Bradley Jr. finally got him back, for being videobombed in May.

Would it be unreasonable to make this a regular occurrence? I don’t want to have to wait until one of them wins AL player of the week again. They should just have a videobomb-off for every interview they do. I was not surprised in the least when Hanley first videobombed Jackie Bradley Jr. But, to see Jackie answer back, is pure gold. I hope there are more of these to come.

Also,  Hanley is wearing a “Dominicans Do It Better” shirt, making the gif all the better. Somewhere in the world, Pedro Martinez is sitting on his couch going nuts because of that shirt.