The Boston Red Sox traveled to Anaheim on Thursday night in what will be David Ortiz’s final series vs. the Angels.

It’s hard to believe Ortiz remains dead-set on retiring despite the spectacular season he’s having. Even Mike Trout has said he doesn’t believe Big Papi will call it quits. Even so, it was Trout who presented Ortiz his retirement gift before Thursday’s series opener.

The gift was a portrait of Ortiz that reads “BIG PAPI” in big red letters. It’s awesome and I need it.

While presenting the gift, Trout and Alfredo Griffin rocked a giant chain and sunglasses to honor the Red Sox legend. Albert Pujols joined them to present the gift as well.

I just might cry when Big Papi steps up to the plate for his final at-bat. The guy has provided me with so many amazing memories watching baseball and it’s impossible for me to picture a Red Sox team without him in the middle of the lineup.

I’m still holding on to hope he miraculously decides to give it one more year, but unfortunately it doesn’t look like Ortiz is remotely close to rethinking things.