Brian Sutherland made his boxing debut during a Tuesday Night Fights event in 1993. What ensued was without a doubt the worst boxing debut in history.

Weird Boxing hilariously recapped the fight (if you can even call it that):

Prior to the bout Sutherland was apparently an unbeaten street fighter (which would believable enough if he was having fights with little old ladies and toddlers) and was apparently making his professional debut (it was later discovered that he had fought previously). Despite his claims it was obvious from the off that Sutherland had no idea to fight (or how find a hairdresser).

Within seconds of throwing his first punches, it was blatantly obvious that Sutherland wasn’t going to stand a chance at anything other than a comedy act and he made life incredibly easy for Rainford who caught him with accurate and clean shots every time he threw.

Sadly the comedy came to an early end with Sutherland comically falling after being caught by a straight right hand and failing to recover to his feet.

Thankfully the fight (films as part of a USA Tuesday Night Fights show) has been spread across the internet allowing us to all relieve the comedy of the fight which turned out to be Sutherland’s final bout as a professional. For Rainford it was his highest profile bout before he retired in 2000 with a solid but unspectacular record (11-3, 6).

Thanks to Reddit, the video has resurfaced and is currently on the front page of r/Videos. I honestly can’t believe that Brian Sutherland even stepped inside the ring. It’s impossible to watch this without laughing.

One of the commentators put it perfectly when he said, “Brian Sutherland knows nothing about boxing.” The way he’s flailing his arms around is a perfect 10 on the Unintentional Comedy Scale.

I could watch this gif on replay all day long without it getting old.


  1. That’s incredible. I haven’t seen a wrap in the mouth like that since the days of the Marchionda boxing club. Purely hilarious.

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