We finally have it. We have our seminal internet moment of the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Before the games, it was announced that the IOC wouldn’t let internet bloggers and personalities rip of Olympic moments for GIFs or other video content. This move made a lot of Twitter users pretty mad, but they’re a resilient bunch.

Tuesday night we had internet gold. Before the 200m men’s butterfly semifinal, Michael Phelps–The GOAT–was waiting in the green room with all the other swimmers when something amazing happened.

South African swimmer Chad Guy Bertrand Le Clos–which is a great villain name–attempted to get into Phelps’ head.

Chad Le Clos did a variety of swimming warm-up exercises right in front of Phelps. It’s safe to say this didn’t sit well with Phelps. The swimmer who has more gold medals than most countries slowly turned on his game face which was absolutely terrifying. I NEED to know what Phelps was listening to during this incident.


The internet got back at the IOC and had a ton of great jokes on Phelps sitting game face.




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