I hate gymnastics. Let that be known. But god dammit, I have to respect what Massachusetts native Aly Raisman did to start her floor routine Tuesday night.

My hate for gymnastics lies solely in my elementary school gym teacher. He was the creepy old man who coached all the young gymnasts at our school. But that’s not the reason I hated him. I would look forward to gym class every week, because it was a chance to get outside and run around. But not with this guy.

This gym teacher would have us do gymnastics almost every fucking gym class, and I for one hated it. Not so much that I hated gymnastics, but I rather have been playing basketball or flag football.

Anyways back to Raisman. What an array of twists and turns. She does at least 10 things in this opening number I could never even dream of doing. And that is what I respect. People who can doing crazy athletic things I can’t do.

Note: People saying that she’s hot is ridiculous. She’s built like a FB in the NFL. Not my cup of tea.