The Track and Field events at the Olympics are always my favorite. It’s the one competition in the Olympics that is just about pure speed and athleticism.

Obviously everyone tuned in to see if Jamaica’s Usain Bolt could set a record and win his third consecutive 100m title. The 29-year-old came into the Olympics struggling a bit, but can you blame him? Bolt lives for the Olympics and it’s the only competition that matters to him.

Coming into the final Sunday night, the USA’s Justin Gatlin was probably his biggest competition. But did anyone think Gatlin actually had a chance? Nope. Bolt got off to his patented bad start, but like he always does, Bolt finished so strong and crushed everyone…again.

You just to bask in the glory that is Usain Bolt. Winning three straight 100m Olympic gold medals is fucking ridiculous, and I know we’ll never seen anyone like Bolt in our lifetime. I know he says he’s done, but I NEED Bolt to come back in four years at 33-years-old.