These Rio Olympics have been all about the stars and their incredible performances. Which is all well and good, but watching people succeed isn’t my cup of tea.

I love watching people fail. It’s not something that I’m proud of, but it’s part of my life. The Germans coined a word for this characteristic in people, it’s called “Schadenfreude.” Which means taking pleasure or delight from another’s misfortune. That would perfectly describe me watching the Olympics. 

Tuesday night’s installment of Schadenfreude came during the men’s 100m hurdles. Haitian hurdler Jeffrey Julmis ran in a preliminary heat looking to make the final race, but it went completely wrong.

Julmis didn’t even make it over the first hurdle, which is the first rule of being a hurdler. You HAVE to at least get over the first hurdle. Julmis didn’t. Not only did he not get over the hurdle, but the inanimate object kicked his ass. The hurdle bundled Julmis, sending him falling head over heels for five feet. But to Julmis’ credit, he did ended up finishing the race. Thank you Jeffrey for giving me a great belly laugh last night.