“There’s round-winners, and there’s fighters.” – Nate Diaz

” If someone gets in my face I’ll slap the shit out of them, I’m a fighter first.” – Nate Diaz

This is one bad motherfucking hombre make no mistake about it. Diaz has been in the UFC a very long time, he’s been around the block once or twice. He’s from Stockton, California and permanently sounds like he is either stoned 24/7 or has a dick in his mouth (hopefully he never sees this).

Don’t judge a book by the cover with this guy though. He might sound stupid but this is a man who doesn’t back down from fights, speaks his mind, and will throw down anywhere anytime.  His jiu-jitsu is some of the best the UFC has ever seen and he has a plethora of different type of submissions. Going into most of his fights, he usually has a reach advantage over his opponent which helps his world class boxing skills. He’s 6 ft with a 76 inch reach which is tied  with Tony Ferguson as the longest reach in the light weight division.

As good of a fighter he can be, Diaz can also be a shithead a lot of the time.  His fight against Dos Anjos in at UFC on Fox 13 was a shitshow.  He missed the media day, publicly criticized the UFC, and missed the weight at the weigh-ins (I will never understand how a professional athlete does that). Needless to say, Diaz lost the fight and  took a year hiatus. Since his hiatus though, Diaz has looked better than ever and for the most part has been in fantastic shape (apparently he has been training for a triathlon so one would assume great physical condition).

Two fights ago against Michael Johnson was the best he has looked in years and it shows here.

Just openly slapping opponents and mocking them during a contest is so disrespectful yet so awesome.  Diaz is at his best when he just throws down, brawls, and talks shit during it. That is how he takes care of his business.

Last fight against McGregor…. Well you know how that ended.  It has to be noted though that Diaz took the fight on 11 days notice and got the call from Dana White while he was in Cabo drinking tequila.

Note: this video is 3 min long and normally I don’t touch video’s this long but if you’re interested in seeing the game of McGregor’s challenger then check this out on one of your hourly “bathroom” breaks at work.