By now you know the name. You know the sound bits that hit ESPN and Fox Sports.  By the way, can we talk about how much Fox Sports 1 wants to make love to McGregor because they are riding his coat tail so hard right now.  They have partial rights to cover UFC and since McGregor is global it is only bringing them more exposure and views so they better hope he stays on top of the game for a while.  I could go on about Fox Sports all day but that is neither here nor there.

I don’t want to talk about McGregor the fighter. Everyone knows about McGregor the fighter. I want to talk a look at Notorious from a completely different angle. You need to know Conor McGregor’s life though

Where It All Began

You see him as a brass and confident guy now and that is one thing that have never changed about him ever. He has always known what he has wanted.

(Beard and hair does wonder for a guy huh?)

McGregor was a plumber who would work 10 hours a day plumbing and then go to the gym at night to train.  On weekends he would try to fight at local Irish venues.  One day just said it was time to stop being a society robot and to go pursue his dreams of fighting in the UFC. When he quit plumbing and focused on the training he clearly had no income and was on welfare. He had to live in his girlfriends basement because he had no income whatsoever.   He was actually on food stamps until his first ever UFC fight and now look at him. He wears clothes out of materials I didn’t even know existed, has shirts that make him look like the next Pablo Escobar, wears sunglasses inside (power move or douchebag move or both depending on who you are), and is the richest fighter in the UFC.

Him and his long time girlfriend Dee Devlin * would sit in her parents house back in Ireland when Conor was training for the UFC and they would just visualize everything they wanted in the future. He told his parents he would be a millionaire by age 25. He was wrong, it was 26 (idiot). Conor McGregor has went and taken everything he has ever wanted.  He also realizes he wouldn’t be anywhere without the support of his fans so while he’s a dick to other UFC fighters, he’s certainly not a dick to his fans.


If you can be an absolute warrior inside of your training regime and also be a nice guy to the fans who have supported you then you’re A-OK in my book.

How Will It End?

TBD.  Saturday is another big step in that direction though


Sidenote: There are obviously a million pictures of McGregor I could have chose to use.  Why did I choose the business one? Well I’m glad you care enough to ask or didn’t ask and I’m just going to tell you.  McGregor might be one hell of a fighter but he is even better at the business end of UFC. Self promoter, endorsement whore etc etc.  He has even come out and said on multiple occasions now that he has won the belt he wants to win them all but he wants the cash the check more and won’t go fighting for a belt but will fight if the money is right only.


Do I think he’s an idiot for having a girlfriend when you could have the world by the balls? Answer, Yes. But I guess I can get over that fact when it’s a girl who stuck with you before you were famous and were on welfare and also when it’s a girl who looks this dynamite.



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