After all the scrutiny Team USA faced in the group stage, they won the gold medal…easily. All the think-pieces on how USA basketball needs to be fixed and how AAU is ruining the NBA were all for not.

On Sunday, Team USA beat Serbia 96-66 and actually played a great brand of basketball in the process. Kevin Durant went on a tear, AGAIN, and the game was over midway through the 2nd quarter. Was this our best USA basketball team ever? Not even top-5, but by the end of the tournament we saw this group of NBA millionaires come together for a common goal, and that was fun to see.

And like always, Carmelo Anthony tried to hog the spotlight. Yes, this was his last hurrah at the Olympics, which is sad. But save me the sob story on how much Carmelo means to Team USA, and make it seem like we would have lost without Melo. If the 32-year-old Anthony decided not play in these Olympics, guess what? We would have brought Gordon Hayward and we’d still win the gold.

This tweet from the Jordan brand made me want to puke. We should thank Carmelo for his sacrifice to our country? Carmelo, no one forced you to play in the Olympics. LeBron didn’t play, Steph didn’t play, Westbrook didn’t play, but Melo playing makes him a U.S. hero? C’mon, he went to Rio on a two week vacation where he had to play basketball a couple times. Nothing heroic in that.