So a co-worker came up to me Monday morning and mentioned that he had three tickets to WWE Smackdown Tuesday night at Mohegan Sun. He had planned to go with two of his buddies, but one bailed leaving a ticket vacant. Being as awkward as a middle school boy asking a girl out, he asked me if I wanted to attend with him and his friend. I obviously said yes because why the hell not?

I think he knew I didn’t follow wrestling at all because I thought Smackdown was still only on Thursday night. I guess they recently changed the schedule and drafted two rosters, one to fight on Monday night Raw, and one for Smackdown Live on Tuesdays. I had a lot of questions because I haven’t watched wrestling since middle school, but instead I just soaked everything in and enjoyed the show.

The Mohegan Sun Arena is pretty small, so there’s not really a bad seat in the house. We were in the second deck, but had a great overhead view of the ring. I asked my co-worker how much front row seats were and he said $400 dollars, which is INSANE.

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I had no clue what to expect from the crowd. I was thinking there’d be a ton of kids, but a LOT of adults still love WWE. I understand there’s normal wrestling fans, who live normal lives. But honestly, most of the people over 25-years-old at last night’s show shouldn’t be allowed to reproduce. Scary scenes. This guy had three kids and was sitting in front of us with a sign that read, “I hate my job!”


The live show starts at 8pm, but they have a couple of matches beforehand to keep the natives from being restless. To my surprise, Kane came out who I remember wrestling when I was a kid. He crushed his scrub opponent and the crowd went wild.

We hit 8pm and the show went live. One of my favorite WWE characters of all-time, Shane McMahon, came out as he runs Smackdown now, along with Smackdown GM Daniel Bryan. They were announcing two Smackdown only titles, one for the Divas, and one for Tag Teams.

Early in the show I noticed Gronk’s brothers were sitting front row, and in the video below you can see one of them in the white shirt behind the bald camera man. The first match was a Divas match which I guess everyone hates, but I enjoyed it for obvious reasons.

There was a huge match between two guys fighting for the right to fight Dean Ambrose for the WWE Smackdown title. It pitted A.J. Styles against Dolph Ziggler and Styles ended up winning after a long exciting match.

The show ended at 10pm with a lot of little kids pissed they didn’t see John Cena. Lucky for them he came out right after the live show ended, along with Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns for a house match. It was lit.

One wrestler that stood out to me was this guy Bray Wyatt. He has a spooky entrance where everything goes pitch dark except for his lantern. His schtick is to play on that southern vodoo reckneck that we saw in True Detective season one. Loved it.

All and all I had a blast. Had some beers, cheered for some guys in tights, and gambled a bit afterwards.