I follow soccer religiously, so I know just how passionate the fan bases are. The way fans support their soccer clubs in Europe really puts our fandom of our teams to shame.

They live and die with every kick of the ball, and if their team loses, the whole work is deemed useless. I’ve been struggling to explain this passion to my friends who say they want to get into watching soccer, but this video touches all the right points.

The incessant anger this West Ham United fan showed after the London based club crashed out of the Europa League by losing to a small Romanian team, should be best described by one word, ELECTRIC (and maybe a bit racist).

You know it’s a great freakout video when you can barely understand what the fan is saying, even though he’s speaking English. A lot of English clubs will do this and interview angry fans after disappointing games, but this one might take the cake for the 2016 season.