Being the biggest and maybe only wrestling fan here at The Ledge, I decided to start up a new weekly blog. Every Sunday night, via a random number generator, I’ll watch a random WWE/WCW/ECW PPV via the WWE Network and write up a review of it on Monday.

The first installment, as noted in the title, was Taboo Tuesday 2004. The first of two events, Taboo Tuesday was a rather new idea for WWE as they really took grasp of the internet concept. Fans would vote online for who they wanted to see in matches, what kind of matches, etc. From my understanding, the voting was legit, and WWE really went with whomever received the most votes, at least for this event.

Shelton Benjamin v. Chris Jericho (Intercontinental Championship)

The opening bout is always a good one. In this case, Jericho had to defend his title against the leading vote-getter between 15 different wrestlers. Shelton Benjamin, who was starting to make a big name for himself as a singles competitor, won that vote. When the IC title division was filled with Jericho, Christian, Edge, Benjamin, Orton, Van Dam, and crew, most matches were guaranteed to be good. This was no different as Benjamin and Y2J had a great back and forth match, ending with Benjamin hitting Jericho with his signature T-Bone suplex and winning his first Intercontinental championship

Fulfill Your Fantasy Battle Royal

Well, despite the Women’s division in 2004 having major talent with the likes of Trish Stratus, Victoria, Jazz, Molly, Lita and Gail Kim, WWE was still trying to appeal to it’s massive male audience like it did in the attitude era. To open the show, fans were asked to vote whether they wanted the women to dress up as Nurses, Maids or Schoolgirls in their Battle Royal match for the Women’s Championship. I Repeat, THE MATCH WAS FOR THE WOMEN’S CHAMPIONSHIP. The match was exactly what’d you expect it to be but luckily Trish retained. She’s still the hottest woman in the history of WWE, though.

Snitsky v. Kane (Weapon of Choice Match)

Another step into this extremely odd, and rather disturbing storyline. For those unfamiliar, the big red machine, Kane, somehow managed to lure Lita into falling in love with him. They had a kayfabe (fake) baby, but while Lita was kayfabe pregnant, the baby was kayfabe killed by Snitsky. Yea. Not the highest point for the WWE.

This match was pretty brutal though. The voted weapon was a steel chain. It was used a good amount, but not overwhelmingly. The match was heavy hitting, both guys could have pulled out a win, with the crowd obviously behind Kane. In the end though, it was Snitsky placing a chair around Kane’s throat, and stomping on it. Kane bled profusely as Snitsky pinned him. Kane was then stretchered away, and Snitsky did the ideal heel move, and beat Kane up more while strapped to a stretcher.

Eugene v. Eric Bischoff (Choose Loser’s Fate Match)

Another quick gimmick match for the fans to enjoy. Eugene, Eric’s kayfabe nephew who suffers from some form of special needs, was as over as you could be in WWE. It’s not just that Eugene was portrayed as special, but he was also put against the biggest heels on RAW in Triple H, Evolution, and Eric Bischoff. As voted by fans, the loser of this match would have to get their head shaved. And I guess Eric Bischoff needed a haircut.

La Resistance v. Chris Benoit and Edge (World Tag Team Championship Match)

This match was technically put together by the fan vote. Earlier in the night, fans would choose between Benoit, Edge and Shawn Michaels and the winner got a shot at Triple H’s World Heavyweight Title. The other two would be put in a Tag Team Title match. Michaels won the vote, and we have a reformation of the once former Tag Team champs of Benoit and Edge.

The match was decent tag team match but you knew something weird would happen. Edge was on his way to becoming a massive heel and throughout the night was shown very disgruntled with the fact that he wasn’t chosen to get a World title shot. A little over halfway through the tag match, Benoit was reaching over to Edge for a desperation tag, and Edge just walked away and “left” the building. Despite Benoit being on his own, he managed to defeat the champs and win the tag titles.

It was an all around great match. La Resistance got plenty of boos to start as they sang the Canadian anthem in French, Edge got a ton of heat for walking out on Benoit, and the Crippler got a massive pop when he won the match 2 on 1.

Christy Hemme v. Carmella (Lingerie Pillow Fight)

Ah, the days of the RAW Diva Search. Didn’t really result in too many long term contracts, but Christy Hemme stuck around for a while. She was the winner in 2004 and despite Carmella coming in 2nd, they had her stick around for this very, very high profile PPV to face Hemme in a real tough bout. I’m talking, of course, about a Lingerie Pillow Fight. One of the most grueling matches in WWE History, we’ve only seen this a handful of times.

Hemme wins, pointless match.

Shawn Michaels v. Triple H (World Heavyweight Championship)

The Heartbreak Kid was voted into this match by fans despite actually having a pretty significant knee injury. From past stories, Michaels really didn’t want to wrestle because of his injury, but Vince McMahon wasn’t willing to rig the voting to help him out. I can understand both sides.

This was an okay match, but based on the history of matches HHH and HBK have had, it was nowhere near the top. HHH did great targeting Michaels injured leg the whole time. There were plenty of shenanigans with the ref going down, and Batista interfering to help HHH. But the kicker was the finish. With the ref distracted by Batista, Edge came back to the ring and speared Michaels allowing Triple H to get the win. As Edge ran away, he was still yelling about how he should have been in that match, but the fans screwed him by not voting for him.

For a match that was going to be an average bout, it certainly got a boost with how it ended.

MAIN EVENT: Randy Orton v. Ric Flair (Steel Cage Match)

This was the one match on the card that had a ton of build up and I really thought it delivered. The match type was left to the fans, and to no surprise, a Steel Cage match was chosen. Going into the match you knew what you were going to get: a rough, back and forth bloodbath. No big cage dives, just a classic wrestling match that both the legend Flair and (at the time) young, hungry Orton could produce. Like aforementioned, both men bled, Flair dawned his famous crimson mask and Orton took the win with an RKO. The two shook hands after the bout providing fans with the best visual of the evening.