New York Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard hates “the wave,” and you should too.

Syndergaard, AKA Thor, felt the need to address fans who started the wave at Citi Field on Tuesday.

I think I have to tweet “#banthewave” and “#resisttheurge” now whenever I see it happen. There’s nothing worse than watching fans attempt to start the wave during an important game. NOTHING. That’s probably what irked Syndergaard, because the game was against the Miami Marlins and both teams are battling for a Wild Card spot.

If you want to start the wave during a blowout in April, all the power to you. At that point, I don’t think anyone really cares. It’s the losers starting the wave during a one-run game in August who I have a real problem with. Sit the hell down and eat your $9 hot dogs.