Spoiler Alert below, obviously.

First things first, I couldn’t be more team Harambe.  All about the dicks out for Harambe and RIP Harambe but let’s call a spade a spade here.  Someone needs to throw Barb from Stranger Things a bone. It can’t be all about Harambe when Barb is still out there somewhere.   Literally NO ONE from her town gave a FUCK when she died.  Her best friend cared her like 5 minutes only.

Think about this, the only reason Barb was even hanging out at that house, in the backyard by the pool was because she had to go play third wheel while her friend got her nut.  It’s unbelievable, Will goes missing the whole town is in panic, Barb goes missing and it’s just like a half shrug and back to life.

RIP Barb.  I’ll pour one out to you one day. But first things first, I’m going to go to the Malden vigil  for you and pay my respects.

Great quote from that article too….

I literally was at the bar with some of my friends and we were talking about … what happened to Barb,” Chrysogiannis said in an interview with Boston.com. “I made the joke, ‘What if we had a candlelight vigil for her?

That’s what I’m talking about Chrysogiannis.  Thank you for stepping up to the plate to hold a Facebook event because God knows I am too lazy to do that.

I love that Malden is holding a candle light visual for Barb.  It is about goddamn time that Barb gets the respect she deserves. Good for you Malden, didn’t know you had it in you.   The event is slated to take place September 17th at the Lt. Dennis Holland Memorial Swimming Pool. See everyone there.



Also, I was looking up the actress who played Barb for the sake of journalism.  Craziest thing is that the actress’ wikipedia page says that she was born “1996/1997.”   Uhh, how does no one know when this actress was born and why wouldn’t she just put her birthday on her IMDB page/ wikipedia page.  Strange happenings……