If you’ve been reading my soccer posts over the past year, you’re probably aware of my love affair with Jurgen Klopp. He’s now the manager at Liverpool in the English Premier League, but before that, he was the head coach at my favorite club Borussia Dortmund

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When Klopp left Dortmund before the 2015 season, it was an emotional time for both Klopp and the Dortmund fans. He’d grown the club into one of the biggest in Europe, while winning the Bundesliga twice over Bayern Munich and appearing in one Champions League final. Being a Dortmund fan myself, we were nothing before Klopp and he saved the club. Not only did he leave the club in a better place, he did it in the classiest of ways and didn’t break our hearts by taking the Bayern Munich job (MATS HUMMELS, ROBERT LEWANDOWSKI).

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After a year sabbatical, Klopp returned to management at the legendary Liverpool Football Club. It was the perfect job for Klopp and a perfect hire for the club. Klopp has everything Liverpool wants in their manager. He’s got an incessant passion for the game, love for the club, and he respects the history that comes with being the manager at Liverpool. He’s currently in his second season with club, and is definitely making his mark with new signings and style of play. Liverpool were so happy with Klopp, they signed a 6-year extension with him. It looks like a match made in heaven, but Football is never that easy.

Recently, soccer pundit and former player Gary Lineker visited Liverpool and did a sit down interview with the Liverpool manager. This was the first time these two were meeting, so it took a while for Klopp to warm up to Lineker, but once he did, Klopp gave some great insight on his experience and his plans for Liverpool Football Club.