NFL Football is back, which also means we have rival fan bases fighting in the stands every week. This season has started out hot on the fighting front, given the fact that we had a couple of preseason scuffles. 

If we have enough fan fights every week I might make this a recurring blog post, and if week 2 is any indication on how the rest of the season will go, I’ll be doing this post every week. We had two fights caught on the video in the stands this weekend, one between a Rams and Seahawks fan, and one friendly-fire fight between two Raiders fans. Enjoy!

Now this is a brief video, but oh so juicy. There’s so much going on during this fight. We seem to have an inebriated Seahawks fan who’s frustrated with his team’s play on the field, trying to rally the troops by taking on two Rams fans. He was quickly quelled by the Mexican guy wearing the wife beater who was just waiting till someone made the first move so he could throw this Russell Wilson fan in a headlock. And how about the dad screaming at the top of his lungs trying to protect his son. I hate parents like that. You buy seats in the nosebleeds your might see a fight or two, it just comes with the territory. But the way that dad screeched was a bit of an overreaction. I mean his son was calm and seemed fine, but it’s pretty obvious this kid’s dad had never witnessed a fight. I guess that’s what the Rams get for moving the team to L.A., a lot of soft people in the stands.

This Raiders fight sheds light on a big NFL fan issue. Sometimes you have to knockout one of your own if they’re acting like an idiot. It might be harsh because you root for the same team, but if a fan is drunk causing mayhem, it’s better to just put them out of their misery. I give props to that black guy who just let this little Asian Raiders fan flick his hat, because if he did that to me he’d need a stretcher to leave the stadium. And how about the guy who came around the back for the sucker punch knockout blow? That old guy has been holding in so much anger about the Raiders, and he let it all out on this drunk fan.