Rex Ryan, in typical Rex Ryan fashion, couldn’t hold back from trolling the New England Patriots on Wednesday.

While media members huddled around on speaker phone to ask Patriots receiver Julian Edelman questions, Ryan decided to play a little joke. With New England’s quarterback situation being a murky one, he pretended to be “Walt Patulski from The Buffalo News” and asked Edelman if he’ll be playing QB this week.

First of all, great answer from Edelman there even though he seemed caught completely off guard by the question. Secondly, as a Patriots fan I actually really like Rex Ryan. He’s just a big old lovable loser who wants nothing more in life than to beat New England. The pictures in his mind before he goes to bed every single night are of Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. I’m not sure if this is considered an unpopular opinion in New England, but I can’t hate a guy like that.