Season 42 of Saturday Night Live had its premiere this weekend, and guess what? It was actually very good. Last season I had a ton of harsh words for SNL, and I think they were mostly all warranted. The show needed a jump-start and a change had to be made. As season 42 premiered, we were without a couple of familiar faces who left the show. Repertory Players Jay Pharoah, Taran Killam (who was awesome for the show)and Jon Rudnitsky left the cast in the offseason and former writer for the show Mikey Day joined the cast, as well as, Melissa Villasenor and Alex Moffat. After watching the first episode you can see Mikey Day will be at the forefront of this rookie class, as he took over many of the roles Taran Killam filled when he was on the cast. Alex Moffat also gave a good first impression featuring in a couple of the sketches.

Margot Robbie hosted the first episode on Saturday and she was great. It’s hard to find a gorgeous actress who’s also cool and down to do anything within the fabric of the show. Obviously SNL loves to do political satire, and with this Presidential Election, the writers must’ve been licking their chops to write for Hillary Clinton (played by Kate McKinnon) and especially Donald Trump (played by Alec Baldwin). With the first Presidential Election happening a week before the show’s first episode, SNL obviously started the show with a spoof.

Sketch of the Night:

I harped on this in almost every SNL recap I wrote during last season, SNL’s best work is done in pre-taped digital shorts. They always seem to hit the mark, and that’s because the production value the writers can add into the sketches is well beyond what they can do in a live sketch. Leave it to Margot Robbie to perfectly play the classic hot librarian, until this sketch takes a very weird turn.