Normally I’m not the baseball guy on The Ledge.  I leave that to other people who are more passionate about the sport than I am.  I love the Red Sox and will watch all of the games plus all of the MLB playoffs but other than that it’s meh.  I think Bumgarner killed everyone else on this site today so I’ll just say what I have to say.

Fuck the Giants.  Fuck this every-other-year thing they have going on. Last night was  a prime example of why I hate them.  They do this shit all the time.  Some no name wins the game for them after Bumgarner has a dominant performance.

Now they have Cueto, Shark, and Bum going against the Cubs.  That’s no joke right there.  Granted, the Cubs have been the best baseball team on the planet all year long and they have a filthy staff themselves but is anyone really going to be surprised if the Giants win?

It’s unbelievable. I’m all for the underdogs normally but not in this case.  I hope Kris Bryant and Rizzo send every Giants pitcher to the moon.  I NEED a Sox-Cubs World Series more than anything.  And yes I did bet on Thor and the Mets last night.  Thor for life is my motto and it worked through 7 innings.