As I mentioned last week, Saturday Night Live kicked off with a bang last Saturday with Margot Robbie, and they followed that performance with a solid second act last night. This week’s episode was hosted by Broadway star Lin-Manuel Miranda, who has rose to fame from his awesome musical, ‘Hamilton.’ I haven’t seen Miranda’s Hamilton production but tickets are extremely hard to come by and the show brings hip-hop to Broadway which is pretty cool. Miranda’s performance on SNL was very solid which we could expect because of his exploits on Broadway. You could tell he had the comedic timing that’s necessary on SNL, and almost every sketch got at least one laugh from me.

Sketch of the Night:

I think this may be the first time since I’ve been doing this post that I chose the host’s monologue as the best ‘sketch of the night.’ Miranda brought his hip-hop flare to this monologue where he tours the studio while rapping all about how excited he is to be hosting SNL. I knew little to nothing about Miranda before this episode of SNL, and this opening monologue is a great testament to how talented the guy really is. I bet a lot of professional rappers couldn’t have done what he done during his monologue, which makes it even more impressive. Miranda seems like a real candidate to be a multiple time host.