I’m man enough to admit I didn’t watch one second of the Presidential Debate last night. That’s because if you don’t know who you’re voting for at this point, then you’re a bit late to the party. It’d be like a baseball writer voting Brock Holt as the MVP because he’s only watched the first two Red Sox playoff games and skipped the other 162.

I did check in on Twitter during the debate to see if there was any crazy moment that I might’ve missed. Unfortunately, there wasn’t too much going on between the candidates during the town hall debate, but one man who was sitting in the crowd stole the fucking show. His name is Kenneth Bone, and he should be our next president.

Listen, I think both Trump and Clinton supporters can admit both candidates aren’t ideal. It’s like when your franchise QB retires and your team has no replacement so you have to start Kyle Orton as a backup for four years, until that new young QB is ready to take the reins. That’s what this election is, either candidate is a stop-gap until we elect that hot new president in four years.

Anyways, back to our next President Ken Bone. A lot of twitter political pundits noticed him early on in the debate because he was STUNTIN’ in his tight red sweater. All night people on social media were wondering when he would get to ask his question to the candidates. It came and it was glorious.

Welcome to the fucking #BONEZONE Trump and Clinton. Believe me, it’s not a place you want to be. It’s full of knit sweaters, questions on clean energy, and probably dead bodies in his freezer.

Twitter had a god damn field day with Ken Bone.

All hilarious stuff from twitter, but the fanfare end there. After the debate, Bone rubbed shoulders with Bill Clinton and captured some memories on his disposable camera.