Auston Matthews, the 2016 number 1 overall draft pick by good ‘ol Brendan Shanahan and the Maple Leafs, did what every normal hockey player dreams of doing: start a game in the NHL.

After crossing that off his bucket list, he was out to get his first goal. Auston achieved that.

One wasn’t good enough though, how about two?

Before I continue the gimmick leading up to Matthews getting FOUR goals through TWO periods, this 2nd goal by him was absolutely insane. Absolutely torched all 6 members of the Senators on the ice. Unreal.

Like aforementioned, he managed to get his first career hat-trick in front of his parents. Not a bad way to start your career.

You know what’s better than 3? How about 4.

Bravo, Auston Matthews, Bravo.