I’m not the best driver ever. I can honestly admit that. But I’m also not a lunatic, road rage infested animal. I see cars on the highway everyday during my morning and evening commute that are breaking at least three rules of the road. Now I get breaking rules if you’re in a colossal rush, but if you have nothing going on, just relax, play some tunes, and idle at 30-mph behind some 80-year-old grandma.

That’s why this driving accident is all the more shocking to me. This BMW driver is clearly having a terrible day, so he decides to risk his own life by making this bananas passing move. It obviously came back to bite him in the ass, but I just don’t understand why people weave in and out of traffic if they don’t need to. I guess I just don’t have that need for speed, alas we can all agree this guy got what he had coming.