If you don’t know who Ken Bone is, read this quick post and then continue on.

Good, now for everyone who hasn’t been living in isolation for the past two weeks, the newest 15-minute celebrity participated in a Reddit AMA on Thursday night. For anyone who doesn’t know what a Reddit AMA is, a celebrity makes an account on Reddit and users of Reddit can ask them anything and they’ll answer select questions.

That’s why it’s so ridiculous that Ken Bone would do one. Who gives one shit what Ken Bone has to say about anything? Well over a million people wrote in, so I guess I’m in the minority here.

By the way, I absolutely love the #BoneZone movement. The saying just rolls off the tongue and really embodies who Ken Bone is. So while the Reddit AMA was going on, a couple more advanced Reddit users checked into Bone’s past activity on the site. Bone operates under the username ‘StanGibson18’ so users just had to click on his account and see what he had previously commented on within the Reddit universe. And to no ones surprise Ken Bone has some skeletons in his closet and Pandora’s Box was opened.

Here are some of Bone’s previous comments which range from his thoughts on the Trayvon Martin killing, porn, Dragon Ball Z and a stunning revelation.

How did Bone not know to use a burner Reddit account for his AMA? I mean it seems like he’s an experienced Reddit user, so he must’ve known people would look at his comment history. Maybe he just doesn’t care. If that’s the case I have more respect for Ken Bone than most other humans in my life right now.