There’s only so much election coverage a person can take and I, like most people, feel like I am just about maxed out with this one. The third and final debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton is this Wednesday at 9PM ET, and at this point I think everyone has had just about enough of all this nonsense. I’ll admit I was pumped up for the first two debates, but as we approach number three I get the feeling that the American public is exhausted with all this. Its been about a week since the last debate, and since then Donald Trump has been accused of multiple sexual assault incidents and Hillary Clinton has been involved in yet another email scandal involving media backroom deals. Its the same shit every week repackaged as new shit. This election is becoming a parody of itself, and it is becoming really tiresome. Whoever is the last man/woman/carrot standing when this thing is all over, they will have A LOT of social and political issues to tackle during their term as president. One of which I want to briefly talk about here: the current political divide in this country.


You’ve no doubt noticed that when discussing your views and opinions with other people in 2016, you have to tread lightly. If you carelessly phrase your point of view or lean just a bit too much to the left or right you’ll find that other people are quick to react and tell you why your beliefs are wrong. This happens on social media and in real life interactions. It has become so impossible to have a dialogue about the many social and political issues in our country, at a time when communication and open-mindedness is desperately needed. Many people, like me, want to be able to express their thoughts and ideas and hear opposing viewpoints without being lectured or belittled. Say the wrong thing in front of the wrong group of people and you can find yourself alienated and wishing you had just shut the hell up.


I started thinking about this division when I read an article about a very liberal woman wondering if she could convince herself to date a republican. When her month-long experiment with dating exclusively conservatives didn’t go well for the Trumpers, it got me thinking about how much people judge each other based on their political views. Liberals dating conservatives is something I never really thought about. The article went on to cite a study that determined that political ideology is a stronger factor for someone selecting who to date than personality. That got me thinking about couples I know, and as far as I can tell my friends are mostly in liberal-liberal or conservative-conservative relationships. This sounds incredibly backwards to me, who would want to date someone that has all the same political views as them? Sounds pretty boring. Do you watch a debate together and just have all the same positive and negative reactions and just discuss how much you agree with the same candidate? That’s so lame. Does that mean people (guys mostly) lie about their actual political views just to get laid? I would assume so.


Going back to the candidates, I saw the above graphic earlier on Twitter and it kinda struck me as a dead on observation. While these political memes are usually really stupid and biased and overly simplified (I actually cropped this out of Gary Johnson post #LetGaryDebate), this one kinda nails it. Liberals hate DT because he represents misogynistic, white, privileged, vulgar capitalists and conservatives hate Hillary because she’s  a conniving, two-faced, condescending insider politician who makes backroom deals to serve her own interests. So when you tell someone with opposing political ideology which one you support, they immediately think of the aforementioned negative qualities of that person and associate them with you.  So until we figure out a way to scale down the political divide in our country or at least approach issues with an open mind, use a great deal of caution when discussing politics online and offline. Might as well watch the last debate on Wednesday, we made it this far. Hopefully there will be another Ken Bones moment to distract us from all this boring important political stuff.