Listen, a car crash is nothing to laugh about, especially if any of the passengers or driver gets hurt. Luckily this kid ended up being fine so it frees all of us to laugh at this kid’s expense.

Everyone’s done it, everyone’s been alone in the car on a long drive and just started to sing at the top of their lungs. And you know what the funny part is? This kid actually has a nice voice, which is probably why he records himself in the car.

Anyways, nothing is scarier in the world than losing complete control of a car in the rain or snow. You just start yanking the wheel in every direction hoping that you steer clear of other drivers and barricades.  Unfortunately for this kid, he lost complete control of his vehicle, let out a shrilly scream, and probably totaled his car. But his first though after the crash was to stop recording, which makes him a true performer.