The World Series begins Tuesday and boy is it going to be an interesting one. One of two tortured fanbases will come out victorious in an awesome matchup between the Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Indians.

This won’t be a preview of the World Series. For that, you can click here. Instead, the staff will give their meaningless predictions for the series. These aren’t meant to be taking too seriously (unless we’re correct…in that case this is a dead-serious article).

Justin Leger

Indians in 7

I think this is going to be one of the best World Series in recent memory. Cleveland having home field is going to be a major factor, although not as much of a factor as Terry Francona and his brilliant usage of his nasty bullpen. If Andrew Miller is anything close to what he’s been so far this postseason, nighty night Chicago.

To be honest, I feel genuinely bad making this prediction. If the “cursed” Cubs come all this way to lose in seven games….man, I don’t even want to imagine that kind of heartbreak.

Zack Hummel

Cubs in 5

As most of our writers are Red Sox fans, we’re well aware of how history can weigh on a team. But the Cubs did the hard part, they made the World Series, not to mention they drew a weakened AL opponent in the Indians. This is the Cubs year. I had the same feeling when the Red Sox went on their run in 2004.

For a baseball breakdown, the Indians’ starting rotation, which has been so solid this postseason, will be exposed by the Cubs. If the Indians had a healthy Carrasco and Salazar, along with Michael Brantley, my pick would be different.

Keely Chisholm

Cubs in 7

Let me start by admitting that I have not been paying much attention to baseball this season. Big oops. But could there be a more fitting end to the wild year that has been 2016 than seeing the Cubs win the World Series? Considering the way this year has been going, the Cubs winning wouldn’t even be a surprise anymore. (Hey, meaningless prediction, remember?)

Salim Dib

Cubs in 5

I also think this is the time the Indians’ starting rotation finally gets exposed.  The Cubs aren’t the Red Sox or Blue Jays, they’re just as good as the Red Sox offensively and have a much better pitching staff and bullpen than those teams. Andrew Miller might continue to be lights out but I believe the Cubs will get to the rest of the bullpen as well.  They can exploit the Indians weaknesses and end the Cleveland madness once and for all. Cubs are just the better team. Javy Baez for World Series MVP.

Cole Little

Cubs in 5

The Cubs have settled into an offensive rhythm at just the right time, as the Indians’ starting rotation is somewhat depleted due to injury, and the Indians’ bullpen is soon to be running on fumes. A scrappy bunch, the Indians should be able to collect at least one victory, but the “Lovable Losers” will likely come out on top for the Cubs’ first World Series title in over a century.

Doug Sheehan

Cubs in 5

I honestly don’t care who wins as I have reasons to enjoy both teams winning the World Series. Francona and Napoli for Cleveland are making me sway towards the Indians, but then I look at the other side. There are two reasons why I think and I want the Cubs to win. Reason 1: Theo Epstein. He is a God amongst men and everyone deserves to know that. Reason 2: Steve Bartman. A man whose life has been practically ruined solely because the Cubs absolutely sucked in that series against Florida and because Moises Alou is a whiny dweeb. If Chicago can steal just one game in Cleveland, their home field advantage will be insane for games 3-5 and I think they can close it out at home.


Courtney  Charroux

Cubs in 6

Are either of these teams good winners? Lets be real, if the Cubs win, we’ll hear about it for a while. If the Indians win, Cleveland suddenly becomes the “city of champions.” America, we can’t have that. I’m pulling for the Cubs for two reasons. Anthony Rizzo and Kris Bryant. Babes. Love them. For real, I don’t for see either team blowing out the other. These are two really good teams. Cubs just have more talent. Trevor Bauer & Andrew Miller will give the Cubbies some trouble but that’s all I got. Arrietta, Lester, Hendricks, Chapman, no chance.