I just want to say one thing about College Football Weekly Wagers.  If you have been paying attention to my Oklahoma and Texas Tech Overs for the past 3 weeks I have been doing this post…. you’re welcome.  Easiest money I’ve ever made.  I want to say thank you to both teams for scheduling a game against each other last week and they went over by like 30 points or something.

Anyway lets get started.


  • Clemson -5.5 vs. Florida State
    • I understand that it is in Tallahassee this weekend and the place will be rocking. Florida State still doesn’t have a QB and Clemson should beat this team by a touchdown.
  • Purdue +13.5 vs. Penn State
    • I honestly don’t know how Penn State is ranked.  I know they just had the biggest win of the year, but one of my buddies went to Penn State so I watch some of their games with him and we HATE Franklin.  He might be arguably top 3 worst coaches in college and I think Purdue stays in this game because of that.
  • Georgia +7.5 vs. Florida
    • Pretty positive Nick Chubbs is playing in this game. I actually think Georgia might flat out win this never mind cover.
  • Ohio State -27 vs. Northwestern
    • Thoughts and prayers out for Northwestern. They’re about to run into a pissed off Ohio State team.
  • Auburn -5 vs. Ole Miss
    • I liked Ole Miss but I think they’re #done this season


  • Nebraska vs. Wisconsin OVER 43
    • I considered taking the under here but this game could easily be like 24-21 or something like that. 43 is very low even for a defensive team like Wisco.
  • Oklahoma vs. Kansas 67.5 OVER
    • Again for the 4th time, Oklahoma doesn’t know what the word defense means.
  • Michigan vs. Michigan State 54 OVER
    • Michigan is going to put up points in a hurry.  You think Harbaugh forgot what happened last year.
  • Florida vs. Georgia 43.5 OVER
    • Not sure what Vegas knows that I don’t on this one? 43 is very low.
  • Auburn vs. Ole Miss 63 OVER
    • I don’t see how these 2 teams don’t score a lot.  Auburn has surprised me all year with actually having a solid team/offense and you know Chad Kelly can sling the ball so hammer the over here.

2 Bold Bets That I Don’t Know If I Have The Balls To Take But Might Anyway

  • Virginia +33 vs. Lousiville
    • Lousiville aka Lamar Jackson is going to beat Virginia. No one is questioning that.  I just think Virginia loses by less than 33.
  • Texas Tech vs. TCU 86.5 OVER
    • If I know Kliff Kingsbury how I think I do, he’ll practice crazy offensive plays all week and forget that he has a defense.