With less than a week to go before Election Day on November 8th, polls are showing a tightening race between America’s most beloved presidential candidates. Donald Trump has been capitalizing on Hillary Clinton’s latest email scandal and slowly closing the gap that separated them after his “locker room” comments about sexually assaulting women were made public a few weeks ago.


Last Friday FBI director James Comey announced they will be conducting a new probe of Hilary’s use of a private email server for classified government communication. New emails were discovered on a device seized during a separate investigation of Democrat and NY congressman Anthony Weiner regarding his habit of sexting underage girls. The FBI are investigating the emails belonging to Huma Abedine, Hillary Clinton top aide and wife of Anthony Weiner. It is not likely that the investigation of over 650,000 emails will be complete before Election Day, so Hilary will have to campaign for this last week with the dark cloud of these ambiguous allegations hanging around her.


The new investigation has come at a very opportune time for Trump, who has fallen behind by as many as 14 points before the latest Clinton scandal. Hillary still has the lead for now, but it will be a far closer race as we get closer to the big day. A lot can change between now and Election Day, especially as Hillary’s campaign continues to be the victim of damning WikiLeaks releases. The latest leak reveals CNN commentator Donna Brazile tipped off the Clinton campaign about the questions before a CNN-sponsored debate against Bernie Sanders back in March. Brazile, who is serving as the interim head of the DNC, has since resigned as a commentator for CNN. On Sunday, Trump claimed if he had been caught cheating and given questions in advance of a debate, he would be given the electric chair. Hard to disagree with him.


Despite the latest scandals, Hillary still has the marginal lead in the polls. Next Tuesday looks like it’s going to be one of those match-ups between two below .500 teams you don’t really care about and you wonder why they’re showing the game on primetime when there are so many other good teams out there so you just hope it’s a close game to keep it interesting.

I know it sucks, but it’s almost over…