Sports Illustrated:  There were small rumblings of discontent last year after a series of questionable moves (poor coaching in New England’s Week 13 loss to Philadelphia) cost the Patriots home-field advantage in the playoffs, which likely helped swing the AFC Championship Game in favor of the Broncos. But if New England again fails to win the Lombardi Trophy this season, even the most ardent “In Bill We Trust” droids will question the recent defensive moves made by Patriots coach/demigod Bill Belichick, leading to thoughts that were once considered heresy: has the 64-year-old Hall-of-Famer-in-waiting started to lose his touch?

Is this a real life article? There is no one out there that can actually have this opinion right? This guy has to to know that Bill Belichick is more than a demigod and the only reason he wrote this trash piece is because he wanted to get a rise out of people.  I guess mission accomplished by him, he got the clicks, but a site like Sports Illustrated can not have such a falisication story like this and get away with it. No sir, not on my watch.

Listen do I agree with Bill Belichick’s decision to trade Jamie Collins? No, not really, I would have much rather had him for the Super Bowl run and then let him go in free agency but I also don’t have 4 Super Bowl rings with the Patriots. We also don’t know what Jamie Collins was like behind the scenes so ‘In Bill We Trust’ is always the motto.

I also know that Bill has traded a lot of key players in their prime before, this isn’t a new tactic by him.


That is a shitload of awesome players and guess what?  The win train keeps on rolling without all these guys.  I don’t know how anyone can question Bill Belichick’s motives.  Obviously he isn’t perfect but when you have the record he has then he can do whatever he wants.



Do I even really need to go over these stats? I ‘m pretty sure they’re not updated as of 2016 season but we’re 7-1 this year and by far the best team in the NFL once again so it doesn’t even matter. If I updated these stats since 2014 they’ll be even better! It is insane how, a sport where free agency makes it hard to stay dominant, still has a team like the Patriots who continue to win year in and year out.  Want to know why the win? Bill Fucking Belichick.

Eat a bag of dicks Sports Illustrated.